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About Us

Have you ever had something tug on your heart longer than you can remember?  A little voice talking to you about how you can do something bigger and grander...and help others?  Even have this placed on your heart while you dream at night?

That is what Hazel Grace means to me.

For years I have had a calling on my heart to build a boutique.  My husband and I have two children and although we are done building our family (at least that is what I think!), if we were to ever have another or adopt, we loved the name Hazel Grace.  I have a good feeling we are not having more kids, so Hazel Grace Boutique is our labor of love.  

My hope is that through Hazel Grace Boutique, I may help other women dress and feel confident.  I firmly believe that when you look great and feel great (we also own our own health and wellness company!), you are more equipped to tackle your day and whatever life may throw your way.  

Life may not be perfect, but I can try to help you with your outfits so that they may be!  

Shine bright my friends!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dreams and Hazel Grace Boutique!